About us...

Founded in 1990 by two marketing experts, Intégrale MBD is a pioneer in database marketing in Quebec.


To help you improve your marketing performance through better interpretation and optimal use of your customer database content.


In an era where the consumer is informed, disengaged and able to easily compare any competitive proposal, marketing teams must increase their vigilance and improve their customer knowledge. Intégrale MBD focuses on analyzing and exploiting customer information contained in the operational systems as a strategic base for marketing efficiency and customer engagement success.


Quality, integrity, rigor, trust and respect are the words that define us best. At Intégrale MBD, we believe that any job deserves quality execution. We only have one level of quality: “integral” quality.

Intégrale MBD is a member

Association du marketing relationnel / Relationship Marketing Association Conseil québécois du commerce de détail The Data Warehousing Institute Association québécoise des technologies