Do better with better tools and better advice

Our expertise in technological environments and marketing strategy meets your operational needs and aim to maximize your results.

Technological Evaluation

Marketing Operations Systems

Intégrale MBD evaluates your business processes and the performance of your marketing operations systems: customer experience, customer relationship management, solicitation, promotional campaigns, communications, and marketing performance management. We then submit recommendations and an action plan.

Business Intelligence Systems

We help you establish a strategic development plan, develop a business intelligence program and assess the maturity of your current business intelligence environment.

We also offer technological tools and assess your performance in terms of quality, governance and data management.

Customer Ecosystem

Greater synergy between marketing operations systems and marketing intelligence systems allow you to act on operational efficiency and business performance.

We help you measure your performance and identify ways to improve it: customer data integration, master-customer data management, customer knowledge, customer engagement strategies based on their lifecycle, customization of interactions/communications with your customers, deployment of a 360° customer view.

Marketing Intelligence Solution

Needs Analysis

Intégrale MBD’s team combines years of experience in strategic planning, marketing, information technology and business intelligence.

We can offer you a plan for progressive implementation based on specific objectives such as value creation, return on investment, business opportunities, etc.

Data Architecture and Warehousing

Establishing a data warehouse is a central and essential component of business intelligence solutions. It ensures information accessibility to orient strategic decision-making.

We collaborate with your business specialists and information technology team.

Solutions Architecture

Depending on your needs and resources, we help you develop informational/decision-making applications, analytical applications, data synchronization processes with operational systems, direct marketing systems including mailing, emailing or SMS, and campaign management systems.

Customer Data Integration

We have the experience the handle complex tasks and technical challenges.

Our expertise in developing and operating centralized data repositories allows you to benefit from a structured and comprehensive approach: data quality evaluation, standardization, data cleansing and deduplication, address data validation (postal, email), data enhancement, management of personal information and privacy, management of unique customer identity.

360° Customer View Deployment

We can support you on several levels: strategy and architecture solutions for the distribution of customer data across your systems and business applications, management rules governing the identification and recognition of clients and prospects at various points of contact, quality assessment and data reconciliation, data governance, 360° customer view strategy deployment.

Data Management

Data Quality

In assessing the quality of your data, we help you to appreciate the level of intelligence, reliability and up-to-date status of your critical data. This allows you to ensure your data’s integrity, increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, make adequate decisions and improve relationships with your customers.

Master-Customer Data Management

We offer turnkey services to develop and operate centralized customer data repositories. Master data management is intended to act as the benchmark of your customers and your prospects, and to consolidate all related data to provide a single, reliable source around which each system or application can be synchronized.

Data Governance

We develop customized programs so you can benefit from all the necessary and reliable data, whether to make coherent strategic decisions, to address compliance constraints (government regulations and industry standards) or to generate better results.