Your customers: understand them better, serve them better

To gain a deeper understanding of your customers, we gather knowledge from personal data as well as from transactional and behavioural information relative to preferences and customer satisfaction. This knowledge can then be analyzed to develop a more effective marketing strategy and optimize your marketing budget.

Evaluation/Implementation Strategies

Our services include analysis of your business intelligence status (audit). We can also support you in developing your implementation strategy and improving your business practices.

We operate at five levels of strategic marketing intelligence:

Five levels of strategic marketing intelligence

Customer Knowledge

Extensive knowledge of your customers allows you to offer a better customer experience. It also plays a key role in building a long and profitable relationship.

Our methodology involves the analysis of four specific aspects:

  • The data needed to obtain a complete customer perspective and its availability in the operational systems;
  • The process of integration and centralization of the data in a single repository;
  • Your ability to analyze the information assets to generate the best customer knowledge;
  • The coherence between the marketing strategies and the analysis of your customers’ behaviours and preferences.

Marketing Optimization

We help you maximize your marketing efforts. Through analysis of customer data, you are in a better position to adapt to their particularities.

We analyze three marketing elements:

  • The global customer-centric marketing strategy to create a sense of engagement to your brand or products.
  • The optimization of processes and technological tools to contribute adequately to your strategy.
  • The existing departmental structure and adequacy of resources with the skills to succeed in your marketing mandate.

Performance Management

Marketing intelligence allows you to measure the impact of your actions on your objectives and to maximize your resources.

To manage performance marketing, we operate on various levels:

  • The assessment of the value and lifespan of your customers, the analysis of the engagement indicators, the identification of the lifecycle and proportion of customers at different stages of progression;
  • The effectiveness of relational campaigns to generate tangible benefits (equity, global sales and profitability, frequency of purchase, average spend, etc.);
  • The actual contribution of each channel, on both sales and customer engagement.