Focus your efforts

Nicto’s targeting and campaign management module lets you deploy planned or automated campaigns, follow their ongoing development and measure their success.


You can schedule recurring and ad hoc communications, and initiate campaigns by theme (acquisition, retention, prospecting, market recovery, etc.) with specific customers from the customer file or external lists.


In just 7 clicks, you can extract data from your own campaign file without resorting to the IT department. This allows you to target based on many variables, apply the results of a predictive model or isolate the effect of mass media, all by yourself.


Nicto also allows you to sequence your offerings deployment into several steps, through one or more channels simultaneously while maintaining consistency in your messages.


What are you selling? What products were purchased? Who are your real buyers? Where do they come from? Where did they buy? What were the direct costs of the campaign? What was the net margin? Nicto provides result tables with measurement indicators selected by you.