Above data, the vision

Nicto provides a 360° view of each customer, from your own data, in just a few weeks!

Data Integration

Data integration and reliability of information guarantees the quality and depth of your 360° customer view.

Nicto offers:

  • A single solution for managing all your marketing data
  • Rapid deployment of 360° customer view
  • A powerful customer data integration engine which adapts to your data sources
  • The opportunity to enrich your data by integrating external sources
  • Advanced cleansing, standardization, processing and data validation features (addresses, emails, etc.)
  • Customer duplicate detection algorithms as well as functionalities for managing identification of unique customers and prospects

360° Customer View Visualization

Our Integrated Customer File module is accessible on an individual client basis. The interface presents several levels to complete your 360° customer view:

  • Socio-demographic profile
  • Value indicators that include all variables (scores, segments, RFM score, probability of retention, lifetime value, etc.)
  • Preferences of your customers
  • Statuses (customer or prospect, active or inactive, seniority, recency)
  • Communication consents and information sharing
  • Relationship history