Strategic Support

Why is creating an integrated customer view so vital?

The integrated customer view - or 360° customer view – incorporates all the information an organization holds about a customer in order to enable appropriate customer interaction. This integrated view of the profile and behaviour of each customer thus allows the organization to ensure the relevance and consistency of its customer relationships. In a world where technologies empower organizations to obtain a thorough understanding of each customer, customers in return, are less and less willing to deal with organizations who appear to ignore everything about them or that display different behaviours on different communication channels.

What is a customer engagement strategy? Isn’t my loyalty program enough?

Once we begin to analyze the behaviour of customers through their interactions with an organization, it is relatively easy to classify behaviour according to several parameters (frequency of visits, type and value of purchases, products purchased, wallet share, degree of loyalty, price sensitivity or quality level, etc.). WE can then determine how significant the organization is to the customers and therefore, assess their degree of engagement towards the organization. A customer engagement strategy aims to involve each customer in a sustained and sustainable relationship with the organization. This for the customer’s own reasons but reasons the organization must understand enough to identify in order to maintain and develop this relationship. A loyalty program is one way among others to promote customer engagement.

I have an alarming unsubscribe rate to my newsletter! What can I do?

Mass emailing a unique version of a newsletter to prospects and customers often constitutes the heart of many organizations’ relationship program. Of course, it is easy to deploy because the only information required is a list of email addresses. However, the message is unique, broad and undifferentiated. Although there are positive effects at first, disinterest (open rates decrease) or fatigue (unsubscribe rates increase) can soon occur. This is a clear indication of recipient disengagement. If you observe this type of behaviour, it is time to seek better customer perspective. You need to know who they are and what they want so you can quickly provide relevant and targeted content.

Data Analysis

Predictive models... what for?

Predictive models derive from an organization’s thought process and planning of its future. Forecasting consists in anticipating customer behaviour and predicting the future outcomes of various business decisions. From a marketing perspective, predictive models are intended to answer important questions such as:

  • How much profits will the organization realize after an acquisition campaign?
  • What is the lifetime value of a customer from its first transaction with the organization?
  • What is the probability of customer purchase or recurrence?
  • What is the best time to communicate to obtain positive customer response?
  • Which customers are more likely to leave the organization for the competition?

Beyond e-mail open rates and click rates, how can we measure campaign results more accurately?

Our ability to establish the link between communication and transaction histories allows us to provide elaborate indicators that measure the benefits generated by expenses incurred for each campaign. The return on investment (ROI) is one of the indicators used to assess additional earnings from a marketing activity. Using sophisticated statistical techniques, we can also estimate change in customer purchasing behaviour such as the evolution of the average basket and purchasing frequency.

Why should we segment our customers?

Segmentation allows you to discover variations between your customers with regards to their needs, attitudes, preferences and buying behaviours. We can then create a set of homogeneous groups of customers based on these differences. This allows you to adapt your marketing message hence making your marketing efforts more effective.

What does a marketing diagnosis bring to the table?

Before venturing into more in-depth analysis, the marketing diagnosis constitutes a phase of observation and revision of your business status at a specific time prior to deploying a major marketing campaign. By establishing a precise portrait of your customer base, the diagnosis allows you to identify key business issues and related opportunities.

Nicto Platform

Do we need to install software components on our workstations?

Nicto is accessible via the Web and all components (client file, dashboards and campaign management) only require Internet access through a common navigation tool (MS Internet Explorer, Firefox or Mozilla). Thus, accessing the information is possible no matter where you are, whether in a satellite office, hotel room, airport or at a business partner’s office. Since software installation or migration is unnecessary, there is no impact on the IT department.

Does the IT department have to be involved?

The Nicto business intelligence portal is a solution outsourced to Intégrale MBD. During implementation, the IT department is only involved to program the data extraction from your operational systems. Intégrale MBD fully assumes data transformation and loading in a secure data warehouse. Subsequently, the IT department must simply ensure that extractions are performed automatically on a regular basis.

Transmitting critical data over the Internet... Is it safe?

Data is an important asset for organizations and we protect it carefully. All data transfers to or from our platform can only be done via SFTP or FTPS, an encrypted form of FTP. Data is pushed from your environment to our site. There is no direct access to your technology infrastructure.

The Nicto platform is accessible via Internet and communications are encrypted using the HTTPS protocol. Two-factor authentication is Nicto’s preferred access method. In addition to a user code and password, it allows use of a dynamically generated PIN (every 60 seconds) to confirm the identity of the user who logs into the portal.

Can we analyze the behaviour of a control group with the Nicto campaign module?

After targeting has been completed for each campaign prepared and tracked with Nicto, a control group can be retained. Any performance indicators applied to the campaign analysis can then be applied to the control group. Therefore, you can make detailed comparisons between the control group and the target group. Thanks to Nicto, you can now see the impact of your campaigns very clearly!

What are the main variables used to cross data?

Performance indicators can display the indicators of your choice (e.g. sales, profits, ROI, number of customers, in absolute values​​, in net changes, in percentage, etc.) through the obligatory dimensions - time, geography, distribution channels, product lines, etc. Nicto takes you further by introducing indicators based on customer behaviour, customer demographic and psychographic information, and several aspects of segmentation (whether LTV, RFM, predefined segments in your system). You want more? We will always be happy to develop the custom indicators of your choice.

Can we access spreadsheets from the indicators’ underlying data?

Although each graphs can be saved, printed, emailed or embedded in a document of your choice simply by copying and pasting (in a spreadsheet, slide, text, etc.), Nicto allows you to extract a graph’s underlying data in standard formats such as CSV or Excel. You are then free to make any other additional analysis.

How often can we refresh the data?

Nicto accepts data as fast as you can produce it. As this is essentially a data mining procedure on your operational systems, your IT department can propose time slots and frequencies that will not affect your operations.

How can we make sure that Nicto considers our specific business context?

Nicto is a generic solution that can be adapted to context, values ​​and terminology used by each client. When deploying Nicto, considerable effort is devoted to identifying your knowledge needs and understanding your data sources as well as how you use of the information. This ensures that Nicto reflects a business environment tailored to your organization.

Can we comment on a graph and share this comment between colleagues?

Yes, of course! A collaboration tool allows you to add comments directly on a graph and select the audience who can access these notes from the list of users on your customized portal.