Targeting opportunities

A good segmentation simplifies the analysis of consumer behaviour and helps qualify and quantify business opportunities while focusing marketing efforts on specific features of each subgroup.

Among the various classification techniques (K-means, hierarchical, mixed, unclear, etc.), we always suggest the technique most appropriate for your context, considering your strategic challenges.

Segmentation Approaches

We favour RFM and behaviour-type segmentation approaches because they are based solely on actual purchasing behaviour. Unlike segmentation based on demographics, behavioural segmentation relies on behaviours that can be altered with a marketing action plan.

Value, Profitability and Opportunities

We then analyze each segment to identify their value, profitability and opportunities in order to establish a global marketing strategy. Growth objectives of the fastest growing segments will determine the tactics to alter various measures of behaviour (wallet share, average expenditure, frequency of purchase, etc.).

Migration Analysis

Besides segmentation, the study of customer migration to more profitable segments can deepen learning on customer knowledge and the efficiency of tactics.