Forecasting and planning

Predictive modelling allows organizations to anticipate the behaviours, preferences and needs of their customers from the current level of knowledge. Forecasting can help develop an effective strategy and maximize marketing efforts.

Behaviour Modelling

We analyze different aspects of customer behaviour through several models adapted to your context.

  • The acquisition model: probability of converting a prospect into a customer
  • The customer attrition model : probability that existing customers move to competitors
  • The customer lifespan model : predicts the duration of customer relationships with the organization
  • The lifetime value model: value of a customer from its first transaction
  • The cross-selling model: probability that an existing customer will purchase an additional product
  • The next purchase model: best time to make an offer to a customer
  • The prediction of purchase model: probability of purchasing a specific product

Trend Modelling

If the lack of data or insufficient data granularity makes modelling inapplicable, we offer other techniques capable of providing predictions and identifying trends from the chronological history of data. We can model and simulate seasonal and unpredictable variations in the market.


Customer data collection and exploitation must also be used to maximize marketing efforts:

  • Optimization of relational communications
  • Optimization of product offerings